The Return of the Jim – Depression, therapy, hobby plans, and self care

I had a breakdown earlier this year, from what my doctor and therapist are telling me I’ve had a post-traumatic response to a violent assault I had wayback in 2010/11 times. I was off work for 20 weeks, but I’m back at work, in therapy, and doing much better now.

As part of my therapy I’m being encouraged to engage in the hobbies I had been struggling with while off work with near-crippling anxiety and depression. So I’ve dusted down old plans, and begun a new project, my long desired gaming table.

The Dream. The reality will be a bit smaller.

I previously attempted this back in April 2017, and it didn’t go great. While I was able to get a solid 6’x4′ table to lay a battlemat on. the space it took up when assembled or collapsed made it cumbersome. The main issue being all the crap I had accumulated over the years, and the lack of decent storage options in my flat. Despondent I packed the parts away and forgot about it.

The original table

The spot where it was supposed to go

18 months on, I’ve abandoned the daft idea of a separate gaming room. I’m in a one-bedroom flat, and while the flat is quite big, and the lounge is bigger than some studio apartments I’ve had before, it’s a poor use of the space available to me and would make it more difficult to have guests visit and stay over.

Instead I have cleared out massive amounts of junk from my flat. Gifting armies of plastic models stockpiled for forgotten projects to friends, distributing large parts of my rulebook library to my gaming group, and charity shopping a swathe of the then 500+ books that were in the flat.

This was like a weight off of my soul, simply reducing the number of pending projects stripped back a layer of anxiety of what lay ahead, and with some new furniture to massively improve the storage situation, my flat is now habitable and I’m now in a position to repurpose those boards for a new design that works with the space available.

The gaming surface now sits on top of my drop leaf dining table, making for a table that can collapse down to a very small space. A 4’x4′ table can be supported entirely on the dining table, a 6’x4′ table requires support on the ends to prevent the gaming surface flipping when you lean on it.

Originally the table was supported on six of these trestle legs, however these are 45mm too short to be reused, so I’ve replaced them with some adjustable Ikea table legs which fit perfectly.

The next steps are to texture the board, for which I’m using this terrain tutor video as a guide.

Once that’s done I want to get the boards painted up in a grey ash wastes scheme. I figure this will double up nicely as both Armageddon in the Season of Fire for 40k and both Aqshy & Shyish for AoS. For painting I’m following Jeff Tibbet’s basing scheme for his Eagle Eye’s Space Marines, which I will also use on my armies to tie everything together.

But first I want to get this lot built!

Six sets of terrain for my AoS Setup

Between the new scenery bundles I overindulged in this month, and the older kits stuffed under my bed in hobby storage. I’m going to be spending the next few nights happily putting together scenery kits while watching/listening to history programmes on HistoryHit.TV.

It’s like Netflix, but for History enthusiasts

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