Hobby Purge and the Road to 2019

December has been a hectic month of hobby, just none of it actually seemed to involve finishing anything, but at least I am ready for #PaintHammer2019, organised by Jess over at Silent Dream.

I finally accepted the truth that I had far far too much stuff sat in the piles of shame, and spent nearly all my free time in the first two weeks of the month sorting through my hobby archive boxes and clearing out the majority of my grey plastic.

This has left me with cupboard full of GW game boxes with all the surviving hobby packed away neatly above the water heater in the airing cupboard. Every single kit in those boxes is now logged on a spreadsheet, so I know exactly what I have and where I’ve packed it away, and also entered onto a Kanban Board so I can track where each kit is on the road to completion.

Not pictured the Forge World Warhound Titan I’ve owned since January 2014, which is safely under the bed away from the heat and an archive box full of the Conquest miniatures

I get home tomorrow from a nine day trip away to see family, and from 8am Christmas Eve I’m on-call 24/7 for the 7 days. The plan is to use this time to work through getting bits and pieces built and packed away in foam ready for an epic weekend of undercoating. Fingers crossed it’s a quiet week, and I can get a lot done.

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