2019 Reading Challenge

I have a lot of books, currently I think there’s maybe 200 on the shelves, down from over 400 earlier this year before my decluttering began.

While picking and choosing which books should stay, and which should go, I realised that some of these books were still unread and others were favourites that had not been reread for quite some time. So I resolved that over the 13 months between December 1st 2018 and December 21st 2019 I would read as many of these books as I could.

I’ve listed these books below in the order I read them in, with Amazon and publisher links, and a brief numerical review of how much I enjoyed these tales.

As a general rule of thumb for these ratings are:
1/5 – I didn’t enjoy this enough to bother finishing.
2/5 – A disappointing read.
3/5 – A solid book that I’ve enjoyed reading.
4/5 – I really enjoyed this book and would recommend you have a read yourself at some point.
5/5 – Not only did I enjoy this book, but I strongly recommend you read as soon as you possibly can.

  1. Spear Of Ultramar by David Annandale – 3/5
  2. Dreadwing by David Guymer – 3/5
  3. The Bloodied Rose by Danie Ware – 4/5
  4. Steel Daemon by Ian St Martin – 4/5
  5. Going Postal by Terry Pratchett – 5/5
  6. Auric Gods by Nick Kyme – 3/5
  7. Wanted: Dead by Mike Brooks – 4/5