WIP Wednesday 11-09-2019

Our groups Necromunda campaign kicked off last week with a multiplayer battle, I however had completely lost track of time and hadn’t built my gang yet, so that’s been the main thrust of the Big Build this week.

The first 10 Orlocks

Of course, after happily building the roster I realised I had forgotten some important rules regarding the ratio of gangers to everyone else and my gang was accidentally illegal.

Fortunately I was down at Warhammer World on Saturday afternoon meeting a friend, so I was able to snag a second box to fix this issue.

In between batches of Orlocks, I also built a box of Centurions… well most of a box

Only two bulky-bois

You see, I split this box with a regular opponent to build his Warboss and as you can see he’s a hefty lad!

Big Build progress has 17 models built this week, bringing me up to a total of 165 models built since June. Between the extra Orlocks on the pile, and finding a handful of overlooked models (including a a pair of Imperial Knights and a Warhound Titan for 40k!), I’m up to 295 models remaining.

Current Progress

The weeks Hobby Progress

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