100 Days of the Big Build

The big build was supposed to start January 1st, but I’m a useless shite sometimes and it wasn’t until June 24th this year that I sat down and began to build the various Space Marine models I had kicking around. That was 100 days ago, and from there I’ve gone from this: 

To This!

Okay, the two Imperial Knights were already built before hand, and including the 22 models projects that have been shelved since the start of the 2019/20 Hobby Season, that’s 218 models built in 100 days. 

It’s safe to say I am well chuffed with this performance. Looking at the more focused project list this leaves me with 35 models to build between the two projects.

The new project list (final) (finalfinal) 2.docx

My Codex Space Marines project currently consists of 216 Blades of Retribution Space Marines and their attendant war machines, supported by 2 Imperial Knights with 4 Imperial Assassins skulking around, of which only 24 remain to be built. Unless I find more cool models hidden away in boxes. Ssssh, no, stay focused

  • Six Space Marine Centurions,
  • Three Primaris Suppressors,
  • Two Primaris Lieutenants,
  • A Primaris Ancient,
  • A Land Speeder,
  • A Redemptor Dreadnought,
  • A Venerable Dreadnought,
  • A Rhino,
  • A Rhino Primaris,
  • A Land Raider Crusader,
  • A Land Raider Excelsior,
  • A Primaris Repulsor, and
  • A Primaris Repulsor Executioner

On top of these 40k models I still have 11 models for the new Epic scale games Specialist Games has put out left to build.

  • A Warlord Titan,
  • Six Imperial Knights,
  • Two Marauder Destroyers, and
  • Two Thunderbolt Fighters

Once that’s all done, the Big Paint begins in earnest.

I have struggled with Hobby Motivation, but the #HobbyStreak tag on Twitter has been a real source of motivation. Big shout out to Rob, who hit day 137 yesterday, who has been a real inspiration to follow.

WIP Wednesday 04-09-2019

The Big Build Continues!

The first week of the 2019/20 Hobby Season is behind me and I’ve been beavering away on the Big Build at my newly rebuilt hobby desk.

All clean and tidy, it won’t be like that for long

In addition to the cleared desk, I also had a big reorganisation of my home. Furniture has been rearranged, space has been freed up, and with great sorrow I finally accepted that my current flat is just not quite big enough for a permanent gaming table setup. My gaming table has been dismantled and put in under-bed storage until this time next year, when my job will relocate me to a bigger warden flat.

With this in mind I’ve put aside the Tabletop Scenery project until I’m moved. I also decided that as my main goals for this year are based around the three Warhammer 40,000 starter boxes, I would defer all my Age of Sigmar related projects to next year as well. These have all been moved off of the current Hobby tracker spreadsheet leaving me with a smaller total of 436 models on the list.

The amended spreadsheet, it doesn’t look so bad really

This week’s completed models

I’m making good progress on the big build with 16 models built, or in the case of Commander Agapetos rebuilt, in the last 7 days bringing me up to a total of 146 models built since June.

With only 290 models left on the Big Build pile, I imagine it should only take till to early April 2020 to finish building everything. No worries.