WIP Wednesday 11-09-2019

Our groups Necromunda campaign kicked off last week with a multiplayer battle, I however had completely lost track of time and hadn’t built my gang yet, so that’s been the main thrust of the Big Build this week.

The first 10 Orlocks

Of course, after happily building the roster I realised I had forgotten some important rules regarding the ratio of gangers to everyone else and my gang was accidentally illegal.

Fortunately I was down at Warhammer World on Saturday afternoon meeting a friend, so I was able to snag a second box to fix this issue.

In between batches of Orlocks, I also built a box of Centurions… well most of a box

Only two bulky-bois

You see, I split this box with a regular opponent to build his Warboss and as you can see he’s a hefty lad!

Big Build progress has 17 models built this week, bringing me up to a total of 165 models built since June. Between the extra Orlocks on the pile, and finding a handful of overlooked models (including a a pair of Imperial Knights and a Warhound Titan for 40k!), I’m up to 295 models remaining.

Current Progress

The weeks Hobby Progress

Wot Jimmy did next! Cry mostly

Is it almost September already!?

Holy Mother Forking Shirt Balls

Two thirds of 2019 has flown by and I have been an utterly useless shite for a good chunk of this! Huzzah for ropey mental health. 🙄

Hobby Time!

Despite the shirtshow that’s been the 2018/19 academic year, I’ve managed to do some hobby at least. Mostly gaming, or paying Jewel Knight Jess to paint my Goliath’s for me.

Jess did a cracking job, and they’ve been getting stuck in my gaming groups Necromunda Campaign at Warhammer World. A campaign which managed to get featured on Warhammer Community.

The Smokehouse Boys have been middle of the league table for pretty much the entire campaign, building up a reputation for losing bloody vicious battles, and battering their opponents so badly that they were left claiming a pyrrhic victory in most cases.


Not just Necromunda

My first hobby love was Warhammer 40,000. I became aware of Warhammer in the early 90s, but it was 1995 when I was given a copy of Rogue Trader and a giant pile of old White Dwarfs that an almost 25 year love affair with the creepy gothic setting.

I’ve been collecting the Warhammer 40,000 Conquest partwork magazine since it launched, and combined with the two waves of Space Marine Heroes I imported from Japan, has given me a fairly large Space Marine army. Which is ably supported by a mixed bag of Imperial forces from the various boxed games Games Workshop has released in the last few years. I also have a Warhound Titan that has sat gathering dust for the last five years as I’ve been too intimidated by the Forge World kit to build it yet.

I don’t want to think about the Heretic Astartes force that is sat in a couple of storage boxes awaiting some attention.

To start with I sorted through my sprue pile and split all my Imperial forces into piles of Adeptus Astartes, Primaris Marines, Other Imperial Stuff, Knights and Titans. This done, I then sat down on the June 24th and finally made a start on building the #newyearnewarmy force I was supposed to be working on from January 1st.

From sprues and glue to over 100 Primaris Marines assembled in 8 weeks

I still have a bunch of Vanguard Marines, two waves of Space Marine Heroes, assorted Dreadnoughts and Vehicles, as well as the Imperial models from Assassinorum: Execution Force, Kill Team: Rogue Trader and Blackstone Fortress to build. Given how little Hobby Progress I made in 2018, just getting models assembled has been an utter joy!

Narratively speaking, the rough idea is that when the Primarch-reborn tasked Rogue Traders to crusade out to find new uncorrupted worlds for the Imperium to colonise return, one dynasty called upon a debt of honour my home-brewed chapter owed them and requested that they join with them on a crusade of Xenocide in an Ork held sector of the Segmentum Tempestus.

I’m going with a home-brewed fleet based chapter. A chapter founded circa M38, during the Sentinel Founding, and granted a warp-capable Ramilies Star Fort as their mobile Fortress Monastery. They crusade the Southern reaches of the Galaxy, in what they refer to as ‘Phalanx in Miniature‘ and closely cleave to their interpretation of the traditions of the Imperial Fists.

This gives me a single narrative strand to build my collection of Imperial models around, starting with the Primaris before adding the Adeptus Astartes models, and finally the wide range of models from the various Imperial factions I have kicking around.